path: root/kernel/sched/auto_group.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-24sched/autogroup: Fix 64-bit kernel nice level adjustmentMike Galbraith
2016-11-22sched/autogroup: Do not use autogroup->tg in zombie threadsOleg Nesterov
2016-11-22sched/autogroup: Fix autogroup_move_group() to never skip sched_move_task()Oleg Nesterov
2015-12-04sched/core: Move the sched_to_prio[] arrays out of lineAndi Kleen
2015-05-08sched, timer: Convert usages of ACCESS_ONCE() in the scheduler to READ_ONCE()...Jason Low
2015-04-16sched/autogroup: Remove unnecessary #ifdef guardsTobias Klauser
2015-02-18sched/autogroup: Fix failure to set cpu.rt_runtime_usPeter Zijlstra
2014-08-20sched: Change autogroup_move_group() to use for_each_thread()Oleg Nesterov
2014-02-22sched: Replace hardcoding of -20 and 19 with MIN_NICE and MAX_NICEDongsheng Yang
2013-05-28sched/autogroup: Fix race with task_groups listGerald Schaefer
2013-01-24sched: split out css_online/css_offline from tg creation/destructionLi Zefan
2012-12-11Revert "sched/autogroup: Fix crash on reboot when autogroup is disabled"Ingo Molnar
2012-10-30sched/autogroup: Fix crash on reboot when autogroup is disabledMike Galbraith
2012-03-02sched: Clean up parameter passing of proc_sched_autogroup_set_nice()Hiroshi Shimamoto
2011-11-17sched: Move all scheduler bits into kernel/sched/Peter Zijlstra