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2006-03-25[PATCH] kconfig: clarify memory debug optionsAndrew Morton
2006-03-25[PATCH] slab: implement /proc/slab_allocatorsAl Viro
2006-03-24[PATCH] CONFIG_UNWIND_INFOJan Beulich
2006-03-24[PATCH] bitmap: region restructuringPaul Jackson
2006-03-24[PATCH] bitmap: region multiword spanning supportPaul Mundt
2006-03-24[PATCH] bitmap: region cleanupPaul Jackson
2006-03-23[PATCH] sem2mutex: kernel/Arjan van de Ven
2006-03-22Merge git:// Torvalds
2006-03-22[PATCH] multiple exports of strpbrkAndrew Morton
2006-03-20[PATCH] kobject_add_dirJun'ichi Nomura
2006-03-20[PATCH] Kobject: provide better warning messages when people do stupid thingsGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-03-20[PATCH] kref: avoid an atomic operation in kref_put()Eric Dumazet
2006-03-20[PATCH] kobject: fix build error if CONFIG_SYSFS=nJun'ichi Nomura
2006-02-24Merge ../powerpc-mergePaul Mackerras
2006-02-22Revert mount/umount uevent removalGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-02-18[PATCH] iomap_copy fallout (m68k)Al Viro
2006-02-16[PATCH] Fix over-zealous tag clearing in radix_tree_deleteNeilBrown
2006-02-10[PATCH] powerpc: trivial: modify comments to refer to new location of filesJon Mason
2006-02-07Merge Torvalds
2006-02-07[PATCH] Fix spinlock debugging delays to not time out too earlyIngo Molnar
2006-02-06[PATCH] Fix uevent buffer overflow in input layerBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-02-06[PATCH] kobject: don't oops on null kobject.nameChuck Ebbert
2006-02-06[PATCH] kobject_add() must have a valid name in order to succeed.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2006-02-03Merge Torvalds
2006-02-03[PATCH] lib: Fix bug in int_sqrt() for 64 bit longsPeter Williams
2006-02-02[TEXTSEARCH]: Fix broken good shift array calculation in Boyer-MoorePablo Neira Ayuso
2006-02-01[PATCH] Introduce __iowrite32_copyBryan O'Sullivan
2006-01-14[PATCH] When CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE, allow gcc4 to control inliningIngo Molnar
2006-01-11[PATCH] x86_64: Use function pointers to call DMA mapping functionsMuli Ben-Yehuda
2006-01-10[PATCH] let MAGIC_SYSRQ no longer depend on DEBUG_KERNELAdrian Bunk
2006-01-10[PATCH] lib/zlib*: cleanupsAdrian Bunk
2006-01-10[PATCH] printk levels for spinlock debugDave Jones
2006-01-09[PATCH] mutex subsystem, debugging codeIngo Molnar
2006-01-08[PATCH] atomic: dec_and_lock use atomic primitivesNick Piggin
2006-01-08[PATCH] cpuset: better bitmap remap defaultsPaul Jackson
2006-01-08[PATCH] DEBUG_SLAB depends on SLABIngo Molnar
2006-01-08[PATCH] radix-tree: reduce tree height upon partial truncationNick Piggin
2006-01-08[PATCH] radix tree: early termination of tag clearingNick Piggin
2006-01-08[PATCH] radix tree: code consolidationNick Piggin
2006-01-08[PATCH] frv: implement and export various things required by modulesDavid Howells
2006-01-06[PATCH] s390: cleanup KconfigMartin Schwidefsky
2006-01-06[PATCH] Cleanup bootmem allocator and fix alloc_bootmem_lowRavikiran G Thirumalai
2006-01-06[PATCH] mm: remove bad_rangeNick Piggin
2006-01-04[PATCH] kobject_uevent CONFIG_NET=n
2006-01-04[PATCH] klist: Fix broken kref counting in find functionsFrank Pavlic
2006-01-04[PATCH] driver core: replace "hotplug" by "uevent"Kay Sievers
2006-01-04[PATCH] merge kobject_uevent and kobject_hotplugKay Sievers
2006-01-04[PATCH] remove mount/umount uevents from superblock handlingKay Sievers
2006-01-04[PATCH] remove CONFIG_KOBJECT_UEVENT optionKay Sievers
2005-12-20[PATCH] fix spinlock-debugging smp_processor_id() usageIngo Molnar