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2006-07-27[PATCH] ieee80211: TKIP requires CRC32Chuck Ebbert
2006-07-27[PATCH] softmac: do shared key auth in workqueueDaniel Drake
2006-07-21[NET]: Conversions from kmalloc+memset to k(z|c)alloc.Panagiotis Issaris
2006-07-05[PATCH] softmac: fix build-break from 881ee6999d66c8fc903b429b73bbe6045b38c549John W. Linville
2006-07-05[PATCH] CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT is neccessary after allHorms
2006-07-05[PATCH] SoftMAC: Add network to ieee80211softmac_call_events when associate t...Joseph Jezak
2006-07-05[PATCH] SoftMAC: Prevent multiple authentication attempts on the same networkJoseph Jezak
2006-07-05[PATCH] 2.6.17 missing a call to ieee80211softmac_capabilities from ieee80211...Larry Finger
2006-07-05[PATCH] skb used after passing to netif_rx in net/ieee80211/ieee80211_rx.cEric Sesterhenn
2006-07-05[PATCH] ieee80211: fix not allocating IV+ICV space when usingencryption in ie...Hong Liu
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel
2006-06-15[PATCH] wireless: correct dump of WPA IELarry Finger
2006-06-05[PATCH] softmac: unified capabilities computationJoseph Jezak
2006-06-05[PATCH] softmac: Fix handling of authentication failureDaniel Drake
2006-06-05[PATCH] softmac: complete shared key authenticationDaniel Drake
2006-06-05[PATCH] ieee80211softmac_io.c: fix warning "defined but not used"Toralf Förster
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: suggest per-frame-type TX rateDaniel Drake
2006-05-05[PATCH] ieee80211_wx.c: remove dead codeAdrian Bunk
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: deauthentication implies deassociationDaniel Drake
2006-05-05Merge branch 'upstream-fixes' into upstreamJohn W. Linville
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: make non-operational after being stoppedDaniel Drake
2006-05-05[PATCH] softmac: don't reassociate if user asked for deauthenticationDaniel Drake
2006-04-24[PATCH] softmac: clean up event handling codeJohannes Berg
2006-04-24[PATCH] softmac: add SIOCSIWMLMEJohannes Berg
2006-04-24[PATCH] ieee80211: replace debug IEEE80211_WARNING with each own debug macroZhu Yi
2006-04-24[PATCH] ieee80211: remove unnecessary CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT checkingZhu Yi
2006-04-24[PATCH] ieee80211: export list of bit rates with standard WEXT procdduresZhu Yi
2006-04-24[PATCH] ieee80211: Fix TX code doesn't enable QoS when using WPA + QoSZhu Yi
2006-04-24[PATCH] ieee80211: Fix TKIP MIC calculation for QoS framesZhu Yi
2006-04-24[PATCH] softmac: fix SIOCSIWAPJohannes Berg
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: report when scanning has finishedJohannes Berg
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: fix event sendingJohannes Berg
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: handle iw_mode
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: dont send out packets while
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: return -EAGAIN from getscan while
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac: fix spinlock recursion on reassocMichael Buesch
2006-04-19[PATCH] softmac uses Wiress Ext.Randy Dunlap
2006-03-27[PATCH] softmac: reduce default rate to 11Mbps.David Woodhouse
2006-03-27[PATCH] softmac: reduce scan dwell timeDavid Woodhouse
2006-03-27[PATCH] Minor (janitorial) change to ieee80211Larry Finger
2006-03-23[PATCH] Restore channel setting after scan.David Woodhouse
2006-03-23[PATCH] softmac: remove function_enter()John W. Linville
2006-03-22[PATCH] Fix softmac scanLarry Finger
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: remove dead codeJohannes Berg
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: add reassociation codeJohannes Berg
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: update deauth handler to quiet warningJohannes Berg
2006-03-22[PATCH] trivial fixes to softmacJohannes Berg
2006-03-22[PATCH] update copyright in softmacJohannes Berg
2006-03-22[PATCH] ieee80211_rx_any: filter out packets, call ieee80211_rx or ieee80211_...Denis Vlasenko
2006-03-22[PATCH] softmac: move EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL right after functionsJohannes Berg