BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
acallacallKent Overstreet7 years
aioblock: Bio cancellationKent Overstreet6 years
aio-attributes-upstreamfooKent Overstreet7 years
aio-fixaio: Fix a trinity splatKent Overstreet6 years
aio-idablock: Bio cancellationKent Overstreet6 years
aio-new-abiUSE SMALL INTEGERS FOR IOCTX in v2 abiKent Overstreet6 years
bcache-3.10-stablebcache: Possible flush fixKent Overstreet6 years
bcache-continue-on-btree-node-errorbcache: continue on btree node error (hopefully)Kent Overstreet3 years
bcache-dev-februarybcache: Validate bkey formatKent Overstreet5 years
bcache-dev-wiprework allocator round robiningKent Overstreet3 years
bcache-snapshotsfooKent Overstreet3 years
bcache-transactionstransactional fcollapseKent Overstreet3 years
bcache-vmalloc-fallbackbcache: add a vmalloc fallback for bucket size allocationsKent Overstreet3 years
bcache_uuid_debugbcache: add interfaces for manually fixing uuid entriesKent Overstreet3 years
bcachefs-v0bcache: fix a minor bug in journal read pathKent Overstreet3 years
blk-flush-torture-testblock/test: Fix register_blk_test failure OOPsNicholas Bellinger6 years
blk-rescuerbcache: drop current->bio_list workaroundsKent Overstreet3 years
block_discard_fixblock: Fix cloning of discard/write same biosKent Overstreet6 years
block_stuffmore dio rewritingKent Overstreet5 years
block_stuff_1more dio rewritingKent Overstreet6 years
diodio: use submit_io() for block zeroingKent Overstreet5 years
dynamic_faultsdynamic faults: fail mempool_alloc() if __GFP_WAIT not setSlava Pestov5 years
fgp_refactoringmm: Refactor find_get_pages() & friendsKent Overstreet20 months
idrida: Use order 2 allocations when COMPACTION=nKent Overstreet6 years
idr-array-allocuse bitmap tree for percpu tagsKent Overstreet6 years
idr-performance-hacksbig ida performance improvementsKent Overstreet6 years
iovadd offset to iov_iterKent Overstreet6 years
iov_iterblock: Use bio_get_user_pages() for __bio_map_user_iov()Kent Overstreet5 years
irq_stuffirqs_disabled counterKent Overstreet7 years
pagecache_iterradix-tree: kill radix_tree_gang_lookup_slot()Kent Overstreet3 years
pagecache_iter-4.6radix-tree: kill radix_tree_gang_lookup_slot()Kent Overstreet3 years
per-cpu-tagsPercpu tag allocatorKent Overstreet7 years
percpu-idapercpu ida: Switch to cpumask_t, add some commentsKent Overstreet6 years
percpu-tag-allocatorPercpu tag allocatorKent Overstreet7 years
rbtreeblock: convert elevator to generic rb tree codeKent Overstreet7 years
treebitvecbcache: treebitvec thingKent Overstreet3 years
wait_eventsmore wait_event() consolidationKent Overstreet7 years