tag namedax-misc-for-4.7 (0083853d2fe37119830ec897e5acdebf0565f9ff)
tag date2016-05-23 16:17:07 -0600
tagged byVishal Verma <>
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DAX error handling for 4.7
- Until now, dax has been disabled if media errors were found on any device. This enables the use of DAX in the presence of these errors by making all sector-aligned zeroing go through the driver. - The driver (already) has the ability to clear errors on writes that are sent through the block layer using 'DSMs' defined in ACPI 6.1. Other misc changes: - When mounting DAX filesystems, check to make sure the partition is page aligned. This is a requirement for DAX, and previously, we allowed such unaligned mounts to succeed, but subsequent reads/writes would fail. - Misc/cleanup fixes from Jan that remove unused code from DAX related to zeroing, writeback, and some size checks. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXQ4GKAAoJEHr6Yb6juE3/zowP/iclIhgXXXMQJRUHJlePMXC8 15sGZ32JS1ak9g7vrsmNVEDNynfNtiMYdBxtUyRuj6xqgwdZvFk3F55KOCPtaeA1 +yADkgeRkTAcwzmHw9WQVEzBCqyzSisdrwtEfH817qdq9FJdH66x2Kos6i+HeAVr 5Q/e4gs7lKrjf384/QBl+wxNZOndJaQAPd2VRHQqx2A9F33v0ljdwRaUG1r4fjK2 dtmhcZCqdQyuAGXW3piTnZc5ZFc3DPqO4FkEfqkEK3lFOflK0fd8wMsAZRp/Jd0j GJsgnVSWSqG0Dz476djlG0w8t2p5Jv1g9cKChV+ZZEdFLKWHCOUFqXNj8uI8I4k5 cOEKCHyJ3IwfSHhNQqktEWrQN4T8ZXhWtuc9GuV4UZYuqJqHci6EdR/YsWsJjV+L lm/qvK4ipDS1pivxOy8KX/iN0z7Io8J9GXpStDx3g8iWjLlh4YYlbJLWeeRepo/z aPlV/QAKcHiGY6jzLExrZIyCWkzwo6O+0p1Kxerv9/7K/32HWbOodZ+tC8eD+N25 pV69nCGf+u50T2TtIx1+iann4NC1r7zg5yqnT9AgpyZpiwR5joCDzI5sXW+D0rcS vPtfM84Ccdeq/e6mvfIpZgR0/npQapKnrmUest0J7P2BFPHiFPji1KzZ7M+1aFOo 9R6JdrAj0Sc+FBa+cGzH =v6Of -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----