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tag date2016-12-18 14:18:03 -0800
tagged byDan Williams <>
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libnvdimm for 4.10
* Dynamic label support: To date namespace label support has been limited to disambiguating cases where PMEM (direct load/store) and BLK (mmio aperture) accessed-capacity alias on the same DIMM. Since 4.9 added support for multiple namespaces per PMEM-region there is value to support namespace labels even in the non-aliasing case. The presence of a valid namespace index block force-enables label support when the kernel would otherwise rely on region boundaries, and permits the region to be sub-divided. * Handle media errors in namespace metadata: Complement the error handling for media errors in namespace data areas with support for clearing errors on writes, and downgrading potential machine-check exceptions to simple i/o errors on read. * Device-DAX region attributes: Add 'align', 'id', and 'size' as attributes for device-dax regions. In particular this enables userspace tooling to generically size memory mapping and i/o operations. Prevent userspace from growing assumptions / dependencies about the parent device topology for a dax region. A libnvdimm namespace may not always be the parent device of a dax region. * Various cleanups and small fixes. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJYVxRcAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgCSnoQAKNs7IJRtGqKFCkMB5VDAW79 Lifi35Hqm+mfFaLMIyRoKJMnhXKQBsthfcHZIy5t63kDWEV/tJ+riZ+m2Ibz4GPE AUn07jxge2q9v0RwMylqpZ/EHyaK/xD1z0+SdIwVF2VaEDoVdnmu2WEqjuir/lfM t70B/YoWLg6CcHeTzaV5vdxlRKyG4pzOV3UzPlYLROr3wFJBHD88j/4zcGy3F1ue DpzGThhtEQXZUZCJLp54E0ch7V2cz/DNUDYwsjbCZrdYYmUJFqjZQxNyftn28aEJ HI/BERXLhm2HF2qRqC+0C1lJmUylYk4wXUGco+b/u1GYN59eFe/JT3dJgxEHFKL2 nVOUmR8XsRE6gkFWQGcFesRjjI1Rqz2Wgql7oqkSL9grGOwY4rvKX0LhJxgvfuZ0 Itb5h0dMFUriAP0DaaJFMYfANIOx+mqr4RxDMwP5ZADku6+Ga0LXxvcBt06K/mYO /zLo27MhsuuFy/odXm1A21OjFiH2pM3pSCaytKvDjy7DwzgE7ZzXmixXQ7j8YVp6 OtLYzMjIt8nt4xh0hmav5tb0r9l6mgNqlifacMC9lEM/7SDAiBXXBLuQngJN/j0s iXllBk0pYVWibf3VcD6oY+qKdmBWvXxPjgj1lHE6j9A7Gw2jwIt/W2NWzV94nKmC f6d+faHiRokqyVhdgfx3 =YWfP -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----