tag namelibnvdimm-for-4.12 (50c592de48339ff49d792aca4c34c42c29925874)
tag date2017-05-05 11:12:57 -0700
tagged byDan Williams <>
tagged objectcommit 736163671b...
libnvdimm for 4.12
* Region media error reporting: A libnvdimm region device is the parent to one or more namespaces. To date, media errors have been reported via the "badblocks" attribute attached to pmem block devices for namespaces in "raw" or "memory" mode. Given that namespaces can be in "device-dax" or "btt-sector" mode this new interface reports media errors generically, i.e. independent of namespace modes or state. This subsequently allows userspace tooling to craft "ACPI 6.1 Section Function Index 4 - Clear Uncorrectable Error" requests and submit them via the ioctl path for NVDIMM root bus devices. * Introduce 'struct dax_device' and 'struct dax_operations': Prompted by a request from Linus and feedback from Christoph this allows for dax capable drivers to publish their own custom dax operations. This fixes the broken assumption that all dax operations are related to a persistent memory device, and makes it easier for other architectures and platforms to add customized persistent memory support. * 'libnvdimm' core updates: A new "deep_flush" sysfs attribute is available for storage appliance applications to manually trigger memory controllers to drain write-pending buffers that would otherwise be flushed automatically by the platform ADR (asynchronous-DRAM-refresh) mechanism at a power loss event. Support for "locked" DIMMs is included to prevent namespaces from surfacing when the namespace label data area is locked. Finally, fixes for various reported deadlocks and crashes, also tagged for -stable. * ACPI / nfit driver updates: General updates of the nfit driver to add DSM command overrides, ACPI 6.1 health state flags support, DSM payload debug available by default, and various fixes. Acknowledgements that came after the branch was pushed: commmit 565851c972b5 "device-dax: fix sysfs attribute deadlock" Tested-by: Yi Zhang <> commit 23f498448362 "libnvdimm: rework region badblocks clearing" Tested-by: Toshi Kani <> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJZDONJAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgC3SsP/2KrLvTUcz646ViuPOgZ2cC4 W6wAx6cvDSt+H52kLnFEsYoFt7WAj20ggPirb/Bc5jkGlvwE0lT9Xtmso9GpVkYT J9ZJ9pP/4YaAD3II1gmTwaUjYi0FxoOdx3Eb92yuWkO/8ylz4b2Nu3cBpYwyziGQ nIfEVwDXRLE86u6x0bWuf6TlVuvsbdiAI55CDqDMVQC6xIOLbSez7b8QIHlpiKEb Mw+xqdQva0esoreZEOXEhWNO+qtfILx8/ceBEGTNMp4e/JjZ2FbrSNplM+9bH5k7 ywqP8lW+mBEw0fmBBkYoVG/xyesiiBb55JLnbi8Ew+7IUxw8a3iV7wftRi62lHcK zAjsHe4L+MansgtZsCL8wluvIPaktAdtB4xr7l9VNLKRYRUG73jEWU0gcUNryHIL BkQJ52pUS1PkClyAsWbBBHl1I/CvzVPd21VW0YELmLR4OywKy1c+eKw2bcYgjrb4 59HZSv6S6EoKaQC+2qvVNpePil7cdfg5V2ubH/ki9HoYVyoxDptEWHnvf0NNatIH Y7mNcOPvhOksJmnKSyHbDjtRur7WoHIlC9D7UjEFkSBWsKPjxJHoidN4SnCMRtjQ WKQU0seoaKj04b68Bs/Qm9NozVgnsPFIUDZeLMikLFX2Jt7YSPu+Jmi2s4re6WLh TmJQ3Ly9t3o3/weHSzmn =Ox0s -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----