tag namelibnvdimm-for-4.13 (23deee698665606bf48c4f187d89f1d9db61ab81)
tag date2017-07-06 16:17:32 -0700
tagged byDan Williams <>
tagged objectcommit 9d92573fff...
libnvdimm for 4.13
* Introduce the _flushcache() family of memory copy helpers and use them for persistent memory write operations on x86. The _flushcache() semantic indicates that the cache is either bypassed for the copy operation (movnt) or any lines dirtied by the copy operation are written back (clwb, clflushopt, or clflush). * Extend dax_operations with ->copy_from_iter() and ->flush() operations. These operations and other infrastructure updates allow all persistent memory specific dax functionality to be pushed into libnvdimm and the pmem driver directly. It also allows dax-specific sysfs attributes to be linked to a host device, for example: /sys/block/pmem0/dax/write_cache * Add support for the new NVDIMM platform/firmware mechanisms introduced in ACPI 6.2 and UEFI 2.7. This support includes the v1.2 namespace label format, extensions to the address-range-scrub command set, new error injection commands, and a new BTT (block-translation-table) layout. These updates support inter-OS and pre-OS compatibility. * Fix a longstanding memory corruption bug in nfit_test. * Make the pmem and nvdimm-region 'badblocks' sysfs files poll(2) capable. * Miscellaneous fixes and small updates across libnvdimm and the nfit driver. Acknowledgements that came after the branch was pushed: commit 6aa734a2f38e "libnvdimm, region, pmem: fix 'badblocks' sysfs_get_dirent() reference lifetime" Reviewed-by: Toshi Kani <> -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJZXsUtAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgCOXcP/06bncqTEvtgrOF2b7O8w+8e mTySD51RUn6UpkFd37SMRch+rmbojuqj465TAE7XIXgyLgIOJixKaTlHYUoEnP3X rC4Q/g5mN0nittMDwL+vQaa1lQWd2kbjOlrqCgnLHVEEJpHmiQussunjvir4G1U7 5ROooP8W+qMK5y5XPLJAg/gyGhYkjpRSlDg3Eo5meZZ0IdURbI7+WCLKrPcQUERT WmDc9gLhJdSQVxBV/0m2gdAER4ADmFjcrlm8kjXRBhdlUmEFjM0zpvlHJutHTkks rNZWCmCJs0Sas+DmRKszFmvVFHRHqUVA3dWK4P6PJEX+tl7BwlPcxpbfacHTG2EZ btArFc584DZ+EIrim1cXXRvLFlxnKOFBtBeteFs7l2kZjEcN6S4I5OZgTyeDpe/i 2WDpHWLQWibkcIzH9y1EuMBkYnQjTJl1pecHzJoTaC+jAQ+opLiY7EecjLmCmQS6 MBYUeQZNufLGfT5b8KXfpKeiXhpFkYrAGp+ErfoH/6RKy2zqTdagN1yVhos2y+a7 JJu/Weetpn8qv+KTGUShO8TGyWv3wU46YkG2rKWl0FL1+C+6LMMw1/L0A97lwVlg BpypVVyaNu1D22ifZ8O5wbqPIYghoZ5akA0CiduhX19cpl5rTeTd8EvLjvcYhZEZ pMHuMAqIcIyLhIe2/sRF =xKQB -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----