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libnvdimm for 4.7
1/ Device DAX for persistent memory: Device DAX is the device-centric analogue of Filesystem DAX (CONFIG_FS_DAX). It allows memory ranges to be allocated and mapped without need of an intervening file system. Device DAX is strict, precise and predictable. Specifically this interface: a) Guarantees fault granularity with respect to a given page size (pte, pmd, or pud) set at configuration time. b) Enforces deterministic behavior by being strict about what fault scenarios are supported. Persistent memory is the first target, but the mechanism is also targeted for exclusive allocations of performance/feature differentiated memory ranges. 2/ Support for the HPE DSM (device specific method) command formats. This enables management of these first generation devices until a unified DSM specification materializes. 3/ Further ACPI 6.1 compliance with support for the common dimm identifier format. 4/ Various fixes and cleanups across the subsystem. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJXQhdeAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgCYP8P/RAgHkroL5lUKKU45TQUBKcY diC9POeNSccme4tIRIQCGQUZ7+7mKM5ECv2ulF4xYOHvFBCcd/8OF6xKAXs48r3v oguYhvX1YvIkBc9FUfBQbR1IsCOJ7uWp/UYiYCIQEXS5tS9Jv545j3ASqDt9xWoV TWlceZn3yWSbASiV9qZ2eXhEkk75pg4yara++rsm2/7rs/TTXn5EIjBs+57BtAo+ 6utI4fTy0CQvBYwVzam3m7y9dt2Z2jWXL4hgmT7pkvJ7HDoctVly0P9+bknJPUAo g+NugKgTGeiqH5GYp5CTZ9KvL91sDF4q00pfinITVdFl0E3VE293cIHlAzSQBm5/ w58xxaRV958ZvpH7EaBmYQG82QDi/eFNqeHqVGn0xAM6MlaqO7avUMQp2lRPYMCJ u1z/NloR5yo+sffHxsn5Luiq9KqOf6zk33PuxEkKbN74OayCSPn/SeVCO7rQR0B6 yPMJTTcTiCLnId1kOWAPaEmuK2U3BW/+ogg7hKgeCQSysuy5n6Ok5a2vEx/gJRAm v9yF68RmIWumpHr+QB0TmB8mVbD5SY+xWTm3CqJb9MipuFIOF7AVsPyTgucBvE7s v+i5F6MDO6tcVfiDT4AiZEt6D2TM5RbtckkUEX3ZTD6j7CGuR5D8bH0HNRrghrYk KT1lAk6tjWBOGAHc5Ji7 =Y3Xv -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----