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tag date2016-10-10 13:30:47 -0700
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libnvdimm for 4.9
* PMEM sub-division support: Allow a single PMEM region to be divided into multiple namespaces. Originally, ~2 years ago, it was thought that partitions of a /dev/pmemX block device could handle sub-allocations of persistent memory for different use cases. With the decision to not support DAX mappings of raw block-devices, and the genesis of device-dax, the need for having multiple pmem-namespace per region has grown. * Device-DAX unified inode: In support of dynamic-resizing of a device-dax instance the kernel arranges for all mappings of a device-dax node to share the same inode. This allows unmap / truncate / invalidation events to affect all instances of the device similar to the behavior of mmap on block devices. * Hardware error scrubbing reworks: The original address-range-scrub + badblocks tracking solution allowed clearing entries at the individual namespace level, but it failed to clear the internal list of media errors maintained at the bus level. The result was that the next scrub or namespace disable/re-enable event would restore the cleared badblocks, but now that is fixed. The v4.8 kernel introduced an auto-scrub-on-machine-check behavior to repopulate the badblocks list. Now, in v4.9, the auto-scrub behavior can be disabled and simply arrange for the error reported in the machine-check to be added to the list. * DIMM health-event notification support: ACPI 6.1 defines a notification event code that can be send to ACPI NVDIMM devices. A poll(2) capable file descriptor for these events can be obtained from the nmemX/nfit/flags sysfs-attribute of a libnvdimm memory device. * Miscellaneous fixes: NVDIMM-N probe error, device-dax build error, and a change to dedup the flush hint list to not flush the memory controller more than necessary. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIcBAABAgAGBQJX/B2oAAoJEB7SkWpmfYgCe3YQAJiH4ZYRxr6HeJzVQltbhB2k qyLC+7vIssefPPqn/Wycc3aHJjyk2ktetmFyjYE1q/vlJJWCG3y/ACfz2SZANXXx 2tgLsI+3dXZaGgIxRsZF8MsB672owqCbzJHbbmTRu3EtgMplagfh27G7HFZxt4Jd FyKnRkknYsCEbHry/s0aRcZWPmacu5v1TDJyWgd0edNTG32GrKOtwxWrWEPRDJE1 dIK5JjPaDwMFMKjV6lgRuBVlsMKCzIC4YjSYZZmN/Mf/JCJBJuPSlkYEdGZ+xx84 /ZmKrE/XRPr7469f66QyD8iRtGAQ9OparhChbuzCagCHRAwgYy4yQGbK7rk0lwUM 18jysZU8NJxp4jEJIt0u2ap6W9ySePX5Bm+3CSwqxT0Ernew2AUJDLIw9f1hAAbX rippSWyHp0JtBTjOeaV2ZY1LJlm+J//AycbFo51lAERHoX5zPimHL730EM8mJu7y fIbFpau3fjob+ovQMXMIYam8C/MpTqAvcjpBFhkSlsY7q/l+ARgFpjYpg9qVir8g v6PZ0UoGBhQvD2lTNTUjaCaHOc+sjo8PLeNI1ZsFebh63rF3k5sOLOk7wXllf8z5 jQBnYtYnPCJI67BLLZmwWzoBb0HpCbcPp9/0/c1rdLTcAo+3gi6SY4pVJgznxCZZ +fkeOvSutJ687tFMarc1 =SenK -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----